Commission Request & Contact

For commission request, please include the following information:
- Subject matter (what mech designs are you interested in commissioning)
- Scope (head only, half-body, or full body with posing)
- Budget (what is your budget for the project)

Commission FAQ
What is your pricing for commissions?

The pricing for commissions is all depends on the project. I generally charge by the hour at $25/hr. Simpler projects that only require line art take less time so they're less expensive. Full renderings take longer so they tend to be more expensive. The scope of the project also affects the commission prices like head-only artwork vs full body. 

Why do you need to know my budget and how do I know what my budget is?
I often work with the client's budget and adjust the scope and art style to fit their budgets and what they're looking for in the artwork. While I know that in most cases, people don't really know how much to set for the budget for fear that they might insult the artist. This is not the case with me. The budget is a way for me to set a baseline and be able to work with you on the scope and artstyle in order to achieve your vision while staying within your budget. 

Do you do original mech designs?
Yes, I can help you come up with an original mecha design. 

What if I don't know what artstyle to choose?
I have different art styles that I offer in my commissions. 
1. Line art only. 
2. Line art with simple shading.
3. Line art with anime style cell shading and colors.
4. Line art with simple smooth shading for a bit more of a 3D rendering look.
5. Full 3D rendering style with texture, effects, and no line art.

You can also browse my Instagram feed for the style that you'd like for your commission. 

How does the scope of work affects the commission cost?
Scope of work means how much of the MS or mecha you'd like to include in the artwork. The options are head-only, half-body, or full-body. Head-only artwork tends to take less time and full-body artwork will take more time. Scope will also affect what art style is possible within a certain budget. For example, you can get a fully rendered artwork of the head-only with texture and effects for the same amount of hours as a detailed line art only of the full-body artwork. Moreover, a full-body artwork can also vary in cost depending on the pose. For example a full-body artwork of a normal standing mech will take less time than full-body artwork in dynamic poses.

What if I have more questions?
If you have any questions, please use the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Please sign up for the newsletter and be the first to know when the new product is available. You can also follow my work on Instagram for work-in-progress and upcoming announcements.