Concept: A hand-drawn/digital/multimedia artwork reproduction print featuring design inspiration rooted in architectural drawings.

I aspire to create unique artwork, evoking the style of finely inked linework combined with clean, digital coloring, through a combination of analogue and digital techniques. Each detail is carefully planned, taking into consideration how the design would manifest as a real-world object.

Over the past year, I have created monthly stickers through a partnership with USA Gundam Store, where you may have become familiar with my artwork. I hope to continue to improve in the coming years and look forward to sharing that journey.

Please check out my Instagram and Twitter for other examples of my art.

782Graphics is a one-man operation, providing graphic design and custom artwork commissions. "782" is a homage to the original RX 78-2 from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam created by Yoshiyuki Tomino.